FAQ: 12-1-04

1. What is the Blade Runner Chronicles?
The Blade Runner Chronicles is a series of short fan-films created for the internet. It will be filmed and released like the chapters of a book.

2. Is this a Blade Runner Sequel?
We're not trying to make a sequel. No way. The only person who should ever attempt that is Ridley Scott. We're not attempting to make something "better" than the feature film either. It's just not a possibility to make a "better" film. We're doing a very different kind of story with different kinds of characters and situations, but it all lives in the Blade Runner world. What we are attempting to do is invoke the mood, and dark imagery of the film, and make something entertaining that has characters you want to follow.

3. What ideas and concepts are you working with?
Different people like the feature film for different reasons. We (the film makers) are pulled in by the ideas and concepts of the world at large created by Phillip K. Dick, Ridley Scott, and Hampton Fancher and we just want to look around a little more in it, and have some fun. We're also pulling in some smaller aspects of the Aliens franchise because we love those films, and it works so damn well to do it! (NO, we don't have aliens in the film just Weyland-Yutani) It's a fan film right? We can do that.

4. Where is the story taking place?
This series of films is set in MetroTampa: 2019AD, not Los Angeles. Tampa has a large port, and in a world like Blade Runner, it makes sense that it would be a space port as well. It follows two blade runners on a review shift. Their every move and word cataloged by an internal affairs inspector. Things get crazy on the shift, to say the least.

5. Where did you get the money for the budget on such a big movie?
This is a not-for-profit project. We're investing all of our own resources & time. We're funding it ourselves, all our own money. Noeland (the director) has made 2 previous films with much less money, and we have a cast and crew working pro-bono. We cannot sell the film in any way shape or form. We're putting them on the internet for download. We really hope fans of the film will see this for what it is, and can enjoy it as such. So far the response has been very good.

6. How did the actors/animators/crew get approached on this project?
We've approached folks mostly online, including the postings for local actors on the florida acting webzine. Every state will have some kind of resource for local actors, and you will find many of them to be very good.

7. Is it a guerilla film, or did you make sure you got all the licenses to shoot on the locations in Tampa?
Anything indoors, we have permission for, or we're renting, such as the locations for set builds. We are making the film in conjunction with the USF film and video association, and will be using many of the amazing buildings on campus for locations in the film. It was written this way. We will be shooting in downtown Tampa, and doing it in a legal way. So, it's a guerilla film in spirit, but we're filming everything on the up and up.

8. Do you have any trouble with cops or any candid people in the background?
We have had both in the past, but we have only gotten rolling on the shooting portion of this, and we haven't had any run-ins with cops, or people getting upset with us. Before we shoot anywhere, we call the police in that area, state, city, and county, and notify them of our activity.

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